Among the archeological treasures of cities like Paestum or the not so far Pompeii, historical routes inside medieval hamlets and citadels such as San Severino di Centola, Roscigno Vecchia or Roccagloriosa, the beauty of religious and pilgrimage places or the serene harmony of ancient works of art, “Il Moro della Molpa” immerses its guests in the enchantment of ancient Cilento.

Routes and itineraries to discover

From the Chartedhouse (Certosa) of S. Lorenzo in Padula to the Palace (Reggia) of Caserta, from the archaeological sites of Velia and Paestum to those of Pompeii and Ercolano, from the art wonders of color in Vatolla’s Palazzo Vargas and in the murales of Piano Vetrale, a Cilento yet to be discovered for the guests of “Moro della Molpa”.