Camper-Van tourism is one of the most common options to travel and discover the treasures of Cilento.  The Cilento National Park, in facti, is a perfect destination if you are an biking/trekking/diving/whatever enthusiast, even if you are a proud member of the adventurous world of motorhome tourism, that’s why Il Moro della Molpa offers a fully equipped and comfortable Camper-Van area, inside the greenery that surrounds our facilities, mostly composed of century-old olive trees which offer their cool shadow.

We offer Camper-Van guests the chance for beautiful excursions by the Molpa castle and pleasant bike tours.

Available services for Camper-Vans:

  • Camper-Van Wide Parking Area
  • Loading and dumping service
  • Water loading and dumping in our equipped structure
  • Mains power for hook-up