dipinto di un casolare con girasoli“Il Moro della Molpa” begins his activity in 1977 as a family run farm, with a typical countryside building with a bar, a pigpen, a henhouse and a large vineyard surrounding it and ensuring a considerable wine production. Since its first years of activity all products derived from farm animals and agriculture are used for commerce activities, initially by sea being this the only distribution channel as the inland was poorly connected. An ancient oil mill was already active since 1860, run by the family through various generations, and today the mill is being restored. Every productive activity is run by the family with a total respect of the environment, taking care of the rich natural resources offered by the territory and seeking a sustainable development in harmony with the surrounding nature and respecting the rich natural biodiversity of the environment. The high quality level of services and products offered today by the guest house come from a series of conscious and sustainable choices based on the same old principles inherited from the previous generations. The traditional cusine offered to guests has in fact natural ingredients produced in the farm itself, while the family run accommodation aims at offering a relaxing and harmonious environment which guests unlikely forget.