Molpa and Palinuro – A Short Historical View

The name of Palinuro, known as “the pearl of Cilento’s coast”, has become part of history and myth thanks to the great Latin poet Virgil and his Aeneid epic poem. Palinuro, Enea‘s helmsman, during the sea trip towards Lazio’s coasts fell asleep bacause of an enchantment by the sleep god Morpheus. After falling in the sea waters, Palinuro was dragged by the waves for days and finally reached the shore, but once there he he was unfortunately killed by some hostile local inhabitants.

Molpa, a name of Greek origins derived from the verb “melpo” meaning “I sing dancing“, was a small village located strategically on the coast of Palinuro. It was built, in fact, on a promontory between the estuaries of two rivers, Lambro and Mingardo. During its existence was repeatedly assaulted and destroyed, until the final assault and destruction by arab pirates in 1464.

la famosa spiaggia dell'Arco Naturale di Palinuro nei pressi della Molpa

Breve presentazione della struttura

Localed amidst century-old olive trees, “Il Moro della Molpa” is a quiet Restaurant and Pizzeria backed by 20 years of family tradition. Here, in the heart of the Cilento’s National Park, you can taste the many dishes from the local tradition and specialties of homemade pasta like the “scialatielli (fat spaghetti) Palinuro’s Gulf“, the “Sea Flavor gnocchi” or the delicious pizzas. Courtesy, genuineness, fragrances and taste are our cusine’s main ingredients and convincing reasons to visit us. Also, for our guests wanting to spend relaxing days and nights among the century-old olive trees nearby the beautiful Natural Arch beach, we offer apartments and rooms suitable for every need.

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